Why you Need a Content Management System

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A content management system is, as the name suggest, a system to manage content. Now, this content may be consist of a variety of things: text, videos, images, sound, etc. Content is basically any digitized information. Then, knowing this, management presides over the information. It organizes it. Thus, this organization becomes a system. A content management system (often shortened to CMS) is one of the great tools for designers. Long dead are the days where you had information that was cluttered or muddled; where you had a website that could (easily) be hacked. Websites are now more streamlined because of it. The amazing thing is, you’ve are using content management systems without being cognizant of it– Twitter, Facebook, WordPress– and your internet experience has improved tremendously. This article will bullet point why a CMS is a designer’s best friend. 


Yes, a broad benefit, but an awesome one nevertheless. Power gives you control of the website you are trying to build. Power gives you things like speed of access, the ability to change things at will, and gives you plenty of options to work with.


This is definitely a biggie. Having a website without security is like having a door without a lock. If you use a CMS, the content (information) is vaulted away in a database, which only the owner of the CMS will be able to access.

A Money-Saver

Oh, yes; you’re wallets will rejoice. With a content management system, the maintenance will be low cost. If you need to rearrange or update something without a CMS, it would require the funds to do so. Every time you have to edit something without a CMS, your finances will surely get bludgeoned. With a good CMS comes the proper tools to maintain the site, which is what you need.

The Best CMS Systems

You may be a bit uncertain as to which content management system to purchase or use. Here are some of the best:

Joomla: This is another awesome software. If you want a website based around a community, this will enable you to do just that. There are tons of templates, modules, plugins, and tutorials.

WordPress: One misconception about WordPress is that it is solely for blogs. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It is truly the web’s greatest publishing platform. It’s free, too.