5 Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make About Their Website

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It’s amazing how many businesses make the errors I have listed below. These errors can cost a business thousands of dollars, and continue to take potential dollars they should be earning on a monthly basis from their site.

1. Launch their website to soon.
2. Pay way too much or too little for their website.
3. Focus is spent on making the site appear attractive and flashy.
4. Do not take the steps in bringing traffic to their site.
5. Never make any income off their site.

The first biggest mistake majority of businesses make is launching their site too early. An intelligent business owner will first do research to understand their target audience in their specific market, and then build their site around their target audience to best serve their needs.

A business owner should get trained on how to find who their target audience is, or hire a UI Designer (User Experience Designer) to help them find their target audience and how to build a website for the target audience.User Experience designers are professionals at planning, designing and building the best strategy and site for the people who will be using your site. Making sure that your audience has the best experience possible on your site is a big deal, and in order to make this happen it takes time and planning. Don’t launch your site too early!!!

Rushing web development and design without planning first could also hurt your wallet. A lot of web companies charge very high prices, especially to large businesses. They overprice for simple features and also flashy features that will not bring traffic to your website. If you are a business owner thinking of launching a website, do not make this mistake! Your best bet is to ask your friends if they know of any web designers and check them out. Designers, and some of the best designers, are successful through word of mouth and dont advertise as much as the big companies. They keep their prices low and because they are a smaller design company, or a freelance designer, they have more time and actually want to take the time needed to understand your needs in building you the site you are looking for. These small design companies and freelance designers may be a bit more difficult to find, but like I said earlier, just ask around, or do a search online for local web companies. Make sure to click in the actual search results and not on the advertisements on the side. You want to look in the organic search results. The companies that are advertised on the side are spending money on advertisements and from experience I have learned they have higher prices than those in the organic search results.

ANother mistake that business owners make is hiring an out of country designer. This can make communication difficult, english and grammar isn’t great, wiring money can end up a problem, trust and legal issues and be a mess, and their marketing knowledge is limited because they only know the best marketing techniques for their country. Hire someone local, within your state is the best way to go.

Also, a lot of owners get a site that is all looks and no advertising, which is a big mistake. They end up spending thousands on a website that ends up bringing them no income. Always ask yourself, flashy with no revenue, or informational and good SEO (search engine optimization) with income? I think you all know the correct answer. A smart business owner understands that for a website to sell it’s main focus needs to be copywriting and marketing, and will put design second. You will rarely find a design company that tells you to put content, copywriting, and marketing AHEAD of the look, layout, and design. You must understand that for a company to be successful on the Internet, that company must direct their focus on marketing their website and worry about how it looks last.

By avoiding these mistakes I have stated above, a your company website has a better chance of being successful on the web. Make sure to play your cards right, do the proper research and planning, and you can dominate your online market and grow your business. Everyone has unlimited potential online, you just need to take the time and do your research.